SkyWay has a technology that aligns with The University of Indonesia ūüáģūüá© the vision of green transportation,


Skyway 21st Century Rail Transportation

The development plan was initiated by signing a MoU between UI and PT. SkyWay Technologies Indonesia. It took place at the University of Indonesia campus in Depok, West Java.

Muhammad Anis, UI Rector said at the MoU event, – “We are glad and believe to be a partner of SkyWay Indonesia, because this is a new technology that Indonesia needs as a transportation solution. SkyWay has a technology that aligns with UI’s vision of green transportation, without using fossil fuels, its development without cutting trees and using renewable energy generation. We hope the master plan form is completed by the end of this year,” he added.

SkyWay elevated train construction is to reduce the number of vehicles that enter the campus site. Previously UI planned to build a monorail but it was considered inefficient because of high costs.

Madinatul Fadhilah, country’s Director of PT. SkyWay Technologies Indonesia, comments, Р“Today, it is the first step of our history in Indonesia. Our collaboration with UI will be the benchmark for all the projects that we are going to implement in Indonesia. The Rector was very grateful that we could start collaboration to implement this technology at the University and hoped these technologies would be implemented all over Indonesia.

For the first stage, we are preparing a 4.75 km double-track route for unibus at the University of Indonesia. It will have about 6,000-passenger ridership in peak hours. UI hopes that we can implement the SkyWay as the main transportation in campus, so it will be able to reduce air pollution and rise up UI green metric (international rating). They want to arrange coverage of 26 faculties (5 of them are public and connected to the UI Hospital, neighboring Depok City & Jakarta City).

This implementation is also supported by all the alumni of the University of Indonesia. They are ready to support us as our strategic partners in the government (permit & certification), Educational Programs Committee and in financing.

This week we will prepare our working group and next Monday will start to work on preparing the preliminary data, feasibility study, society awareness (we will create the SkyWay Station Design Competition) and a fundraising program. On November 15, 2017, we will arrange the Seminar “Transport of the Future”, determine the Award to the Winner of the Station Design Competition, and launch the fundraising program.

In this Seminar, Prof. Anatoly Yunitskiy as the SkyWay Technologies General Designer, Prof. Muhammad Anis as the UI Rector, officials from the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of National Development Planning, Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises and some other related Ministries will be our keynote speakers‚ÄĚ.

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SkyWay has a technology that aligns with University of Indonesia ūüáģūüᩬ†the¬†vision of green transportation,



How To Add Funds To Your Skyway Account

SkyWay Invest Group – How To TopUp


Be regular with monthly payment options Your investment at risk

for late payment

Setup a Standing Order through Your bank using the following details


Registration 09862987


Lloyds Bank Plc

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QAccount number 43963260

Sort Code 77- 21-99

IBAN  РGB61LOYD77912943963260



Take a screenshot of your proof of payment and upload as verification

as quoted in the video of Your bank statement




How to Register & Invest in Skyway Invest Group





Platform38 Strategy For Development Of Skyway Eco-Project 2017


Platform38 Strategy For Development Of Skyway Eco-Project


Sharing our strategy Sharing our vision

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SKYWAY have a matrix crowdfunding platform and together

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This Black NASA Mathematician Was the Reason Many Astronauts Came Home


This Black NASA Mathematician Was the Reason Many Astronauts Came Home ‚ÄĒ Their Life Depended on Her Calculations
By Ricky Riley – June 29, 201612463


In a 2011 interview with Virginia’s WHRO-TV, the human computer Katherine Johnson talks about her life as a young academic, her family and being a pioneer as one of the first Black people to work at NASA.

Johnson reveals that her calculations for trajectory of space craft take-offs and landings were so dependable that astronauts preferred her skill-set over that of the mechanical computers. In the early days of the space program, people were called computers because of the many mathematical equations they did.


In the 30-minute interview, Johnson tells the host how valuable she was at 14:20-15 minutes in:

‚Äú‚Ķ John Glenn was to be the first astronaut to go into the atmosphere and come back. They wanted him to come back in a special place. And that is what I did,‚ÄĚ Johnson says. ‚ÄúI computed his trajectory ‚Ķ And from then on any time they wanted to compute trajectories, they would give it to our branch ‚Ķ I did most of those by hand


pioneers in STEM

John Glenn

Katherine Johnson

Johnson the human computer

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