Platform38 Strategy For Development Of Skyway Eco-Project 2017


Platform38 Strategy For Development Of Skyway Eco-Project


Sharing our strategy Sharing our vision

Success to promote and inspire others, to empower

the strategy of Platform38 and creating the business

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To A Sustainable Growth Of Skyway

Join the vehicle that has the potential to compound your

money, which  in itself , has the potential to complement

while building your skills and niche with the 21st Century

Rail Transportation Technology.

SKYWAY have a matrix crowdfunding platform and together

we show the opportunity for you to work in collaboration to

sustain and empower our global projects, providing the health

infrastructure and financial education projects

This strategy can apply to any business venture to generate more

opportunities for future development

The strength of the vision and the network grows by the day

with the potential online and offline access to grow any business

niche alongside corporate companies

Will you Join Us

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This Black NASA Mathematician Was the Reason Many Astronauts Came Home


This Black NASA Mathematician Was the Reason Many Astronauts Came Home — Their Life Depended on Her Calculations
By Ricky Riley – June 29, 201612463


In a 2011 interview with Virginia’s WHRO-TV, the human computer Katherine Johnson talks about her life as a young academic, her family and being a pioneer as one of the first Black people to work at NASA.

Johnson reveals that her calculations for trajectory of space craft take-offs and landings were so dependable that astronauts preferred her skill-set over that of the mechanical computers. In the early days of the space program, people were called computers because of the many mathematical equations they did.


In the 30-minute interview, Johnson tells the host how valuable she was at 14:20-15 minutes in:

“… John Glenn was to be the first astronaut to go into the atmosphere and come back. They wanted him to come back in a special place. And that is what I did,” Johnson says. “I computed his trajectory … And from then on any time they wanted to compute trajectories, they would give it to our branch … I did most of those by hand


pioneers in STEM

John Glenn

Katherine Johnson

Johnson the human computer

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