Homelessness Reduction Act Report

Homelessness Reduction Act
London Councils, is urging the government to properly fund the expansion of boroughs’ homelessness prevention and support services. These services described in the Homelessness Reduction Act will cost at least £77 million per year in London. Only £10 million per year has been allocated to the capital, despite the fact that 70 per cent of homeless households in England are based in London.

Mayor Sir Steve Bullock, London Councils’ executive member for housing, said: “The Homelessness Reduction Act will transform homelessness prevention and relief services for the better and London boroughs are committed to helping more people at an earlier stage to prevent and address homelessness.

“However, we fear that inadequate funding for the Homelessness Reduction Act in London, as well as the unrealistic timescale for making changes to existing services, risks leaving thousands of vulnerable people without support.“

Haringey chief executive
The London Borough of Haringey has confirmed interim chief executive Zina Etheridge as the borough’s permanent chief executive, following her appointment to the interim role in March this year.

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