Platform38 Terms Of Use And Conditions

Terms Of Use And Conditions of Platform38
Terms of Service
Terms Of Use And Conditions
This Terms of Service is a binding agreement between you the user and

Acceptance of service implies consent to this agreement, as well as future updates,

alterations or changes to this agreement.

The Company reserves the right to terminate a user’s use of this site at any time without notice, and may do so for any breach of this agreement.

Completion and submission of your online or offline enrollment indicates your agreement to the following Terms and Conditions as a Customer/User.

By using this website, you agree with the terms and conditions described below.

Do not use services if you do not agree in full or in part, or if you do not accept any and all of these terms and conditions. explicitly reserves the right to modify presented terms of service and agreement as it sees serving best to the interests of its users and customers.

AGE Limit And Restrictions
All users must be legal age in their country to open an account and in all the cases their minimal age must be 18 years.

You acknowledge that should you enter into a monetary transaction of any kind with you do so with a complete understanding that the transaction is not an investment but a advertising platform purchase opportunity offers neither advice on investment opportunities nor financial advice.

All advertised purchases offered by are in strict prohibition of messages that propagate Hate, Racism, Religion or Political bias.

Neither should any of our advertising platforms be used for the purpose of selling porn, adult content or similar content that may be deemed disturbing or abusive to the users and customers.

Should there be any report of abuse of this term; the offensive advertisement will be

deleted without any notice.

Any repetition of such violation could result in termination of your account.

Number of Accounts
You agree to only create 1 account per person of required age.

Any members of your household who are of legal age to make money in the country

they reside in may sign up. They must have their own email address and payment

processors set up to do so.

We understand other people in your household, may be trying to make money online as well.

By purchasing any and all traffic platforms you agree to receive emails from

Please add any emails from to your address book and mark all emails from as NOT SPAM.

This is to ensure all members get verification emails as well as website updates, commissions

info etc.

Again,these emails may be for updates, account issues,

promotions or anything that needs to relay to all members.

Autoresponders are allowed

All content included on PLATFORM38 websites, such as text, graphics, logos,

button icons, images, audio clips, video clips and software, is the property of OUR COMMUNITY

NETWORK or its content suppliers and protected by U.K and international copyright laws.

PLATFORM38 retains sole discretion regarding the use and display of pages on the website.

No part of this website may be reproduced by any means without written permission from the


Liability does not warrant that the website and service will be error free or uninterrupted.

The website and service is distributed on “as is” basis without warranties of any kind, either expressed

or implied. will not be responsible for any losses, damages or costs that you and/or your

business may suffer when using the website or service.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless from any claims resulting from the

website or service.

It is your responsibility to make sure your payment email addresses are correct.

Commission payments made to the wrong account because of an incorrectly entered information

is your responsibility.

Disclaimer. is a service provider of a digitally delivered product that is used to help it’s

users/customers on the Internet. does not make any promises written or implied as to the amount of money

that can be made from services or products. The testimonials provided

on this site are REAL.

Success in any endeavor is based on many factors individual to you. Earning potential is

entirely dependent on the person purchasing and using our product, ideas and techniques.

Due to the FTC regulations, I’m required to state that each persons results will vary.

We do not know your educational background, finances, knowledge and various skills,

prior experience, or time you can and will devote to our ideas and techniques.

Since these factors differ according to individual, we cannot guarantee your success,

income level or results from our advertising website opportunities

All policies, rules and regulations are the final decision of

We reserve the right to modify, add or change any policies as we deem necessary at any time.

All members agree that they will not hold liable for any items or policies

within this program.

Your purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE. All payments are final.

All traffic advertising packages are digitally delivered online, and are immediately

available after purchase in your members area.

Due to the nature of the products included in no refunds can be given.

Once you have completed any purchase at the site,, you acknowledge

that you have read these terms fully and voluntarily agree to be bound by these terms which

include a zero refund policy, and that you expressly agree to forego any and all refund claims.

SPAM POLICY has a zero tolerance for spam.

Anyone caught spamming will be deleted from the program and is subject to civil and criminal

prosecution including fines. If you are to include the name or URL

in any email promotion, please only email to your own “single and double-optin”

subscribers or on any other legitimate forms of advertising.

This Anti-Spam Policy Notice governs the use of the web page at and its associated services,

web pages, domains and sub-domains, which are owned and operated by Mark Singh (“Owners)

Wherever this Notice refers to “users/customers” it means “you”, while “we” or “our” refer to

Mark Singhand “Web Site” refers to

This sets forth our policy with regard to the use of “Spam” marketing techniques in connection

with Internet Marketing. In the event that we deem you to be in violation of these policies,

we shall immediately revoke your rights and close any active account.

We have a strict policy against spamming. We forbid the sending of unsolicited mass Emails

or unsolicited Emails of any kind in connection with the marketing of our programs, products

and services.

We reserve the right to terminate your account and participation in our programs “for cause”

if we deem you to be in violation of our anti-spamming policies.

We also reserve the right to suspend your account and participation pending review upon

receipt of any complaint or other evidence that you may be engaging in any spamming activity.

We consider spamming to be any activity whereby you directly or indirectly transmit email messages

to any email address that has not solicited such email and does not consent to such transmission.

We also consider spamming to constitute posting advertisements in newsgroups in violation of the

terms of participation in such newsgroup,that are off topic, or in newsgroups that do

not specifically permit advertisements.To send unsolicited emails to anyone that is not on your

own personal single or double-optin list.

If this does not make sense to you, then do not include promotions for Platform38

in emails. That are posted

To falsify user information provided to to other users of the service in connection with
or any of it’s other sites
considers the above practices to constitute abuse of our service and of the recipients of such

unsolicited mailings and/or postings who often bear the expense.

Therefore, these practices are prohibited by PLATFORM38 terms and conditions of service.

Engaging in one or more of these practices will result in termination of the offender’s account.

Nothing contained in this policy shall be construed to limit

actions or remedies in any way with respect to any of the foregoing activities. reserves the right to take any and all additional actions it may deem appropriate
with respect to such activities, including without limitation taking action to recover the costs and
expenses of identifying offenders and removing them from the site.
In addition, reserves at all times all rights and remedies available to it with

respect to such activities at law or in equity.

We use IP tracking devices.

Any user that is found to blatantly violate this agreement will be banned from the site indefinitely

and may be subject to civil and criminal prosecution.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We may also make changes to these rules,

regulations, and policies at any time.

As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity,

business experience, expertise, and level of desire.

There are no guarantees concerning the level of success or income you may experience

with our system or traffic generating income opportunities packages. All Purchases are final

By purchasing PLATFORM38 advertising platforms for your traffic generating income

packages,of which you agree to all of the above terms and conditions.

To Your Succss

Mark Singh

CEO @ Platform38

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