This post is  to tell readers why

Dell Gibson started this blog and what plans will be developing alongside the 21st Century Transportation

and the innovations that our generation of entrepreneurs present and future

can bring to a global community collaboration



Work with Partners
The step I want to leave with you with in this post is about
growing your brand awareness through partnerships.
Don’t think that you need or should be on your journey alone.
The more people you can involve the faster and bigger you’’ll
see your brand building efforts pay off.

Collaborations are the not so secret trick of the trade for building
a stand out brand.
Working within another brand will help give credibility to your work
and introduce you to potential customers waiting to engage with you

We are responsible for the decisions we make, including the choice
to embrace a caring mindset.

In addition to being straightforward, a caring mindset requires us to
be thoughtful, accountable, and to have resolve.

Being straightforward needs to happen with every conversation and
interaction that we have—with colleagues, bosses, and customers,
friends and family.

Without the ability and intent to be straightforward and honest, we
cannot create and sustain a caring mindset, or achieve a healthy
organisation, family, or community, a globally crowdfunding platform

in the future growth of our present and future entrepreneurs

21st Century Rail Technology Transportation 

STEM Careers:

Over 100 career profiles introduce students to opportunities in science,

technology, engineering, and math that complement Skyway

Linguistic Horizons Internship Program


Platform38 & Skyway Transportation

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